Thursday 3/11 report

goodness, a lot has been happening lately, in the sports world and in my personal experiences with it. right now, here's just a quick recap of last night in the NHL, possibly the most impressive single night of games I've seen in a while. this piece is a tribute to Blogger no longer having that annoying image limit (which was one of the things holding me back on posting to my other blog, then I came back from a long absence and the limit was gone. now just laziness is holding me back...)

Bruins defeat the Flyers, in Philadelphia, by a fantastic 5-1 score. (how long since the B's had that many goal in a game? do I want to know?) it was just past the halfway point and they'd already had 4 goals and Mark Stuart had fought BOTH Ian Lapierre and Daniel Carcillo. also, I've seen quite a few games recently needing glass fixed or replaced:

the Maple Leafs and Lightning had a decent game that I believe was tied at 1-1, 2-2, and 3-3 before Leafs won it in overtime. their second OT win of the year, I think. (the first was, um, against Boston Tues. night. I'm glad that's not the Bruins game I saw this week.) despite some of the below, disappointingly, Zenon Konopka did NOT get into his 25th fight of the season (maybe he wasn't even in the game? I can't claim to be following the Lightning closely). didn't sum up that game exactly...they just went on about great Stamkos has been. I guess, even if he didn't win that one...

Hurricanes @ Penguins was another back-and-forth game, with a certain unmentionable Pens player tying it at 3. but then the Canes scored barely 20 seconds into overtime. I don't believe I've seen the Canes third jerseys this season, so here's a nice view of them:

and you may have heard that Chris Chelios played his first game in an Atlanta Thrashers uniform last night, in their game at Columbus...

it didn't sound like he had the best game (I didn't realize it was on until the third period, so I missed his actual debut). I was hoping Atlanta would win so Washington could be kept from clinching the division for another night. but the game was 2-0 Columbus for a long time until Atlanta scored one goal late. they failed to tie it up despite being 6 on 4 at the end (and the refs added back 2.4 seconds after the final horn sounded, not sure why).

Red Wings were on fire vs the Wild, scoring 3 goals barely 10 minutes into the game. more than I saw them score in the game I took my Detroit friend to the other night (report forthcoming, of course).

this game, which they won 5-1, put them from 9th in the west into 8th. the loss to the Flames the other night had knocked them from 7th to 9th.

meanwhile, the Ottawa @ Calgary game got started about 40 minutes late.

Flames, also in alternate jerseys, I think, beat the Senators 2-0. and pushed Detroit back into the #9 spot...

I didn't get into the most ridiculous game of the night but I'm in a hurry now to get to the Chicago Wolves more later (nor did I have time to check all the details, hence all the "I think"s in this post).

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