from the bowling capital of the world

...Milwaukee! no, I'm not there now, I'm in Iowa and though I have plenty of material stashed around the Internet so I can theoretically blog from anywhere, it's a pain to do posts with lots of images and videos when I'm not on my own computer. so here is a nice find from the basement (the magazine floor) of Renaissance Books, a colossal 4-story used bookstore in downtown Milwaukee.

Milwaukee used to be the bowling capital of the U.S. (or the world, I don't know) and I was correct in my guess that this magazine was published there. I bought the oldest issue I could find--particularly because I loved the cover. it's got a lot of ads for bowling shirts, shoes, balls, trophies, etc., and many of the dealers used to be in downtown/South Loop Chicago. there's also a now-sadly-amusing feature on tourism in Detroit (the year's big bowling championship was held there). anyway, click on the photo and you'll be able to see the rest of the set I've posted so far.

back to hockey tomorrow or so!


the mel said...

That's really neat. I'm off on Friday (thanks Catholics!) - perhaps I'll take a drive up to Milwaukee. I do own a step stool so I can start stacking books on the tops of my bookcases now.

k of c said...

I actually prefer the other huge used bookstore downtown because it's less hazardous to navigate, but both are well worth it if you have time, cash (Rennaissance doesn't take cards), and don't mind getting a little dusty.

the mel said...

Thanks for the tips! Since it's going to be so nice outside tomorrow, we're going to take a drive and see what we find out there.