NHL anagrams!

(edited to add: Aubrey came up with some and linked to this piece and Wrap Around Curl's.) after all the negativity in the last post, I wanted to have a little fun. I thought of scanning some more old books, but then a #nhlanagrams tag popped up on Twitter, and I immediately googled "anagram generator," found some sites, and posted a bunch. not too many (since no one else I know was playing along, though some people enjoyed reading them and retweeted) but apparently enough to lose a follower (could have been spam anyway). so here goes (some make much more sense than others):

Eastern Conference:

Alex Ovechkin = Hack Live Oxen or Nail, Choke, Vex.

Sidney Crosby = Ed Sins, Cry, Boy

Zdeno Chara = Daze Anchor

Milan Lucic = Lilac Cumin

Sean Avery = Arena Yves

Matt Cooke = Cake Motto

some Central Division fun:

Rick Nash = Rink Cash

David Backes = Bad Save, Dick

Shea Weber = He Saw Beer 

Vancouver Canucks (sadly, "Ryan Kesler" didn't turn into anything)

Roberto Luongo = Rube Go Loot Ron

Kyle Wellwood = We Yolk Do Well
Alex Burrows = Our Sex Brawl 

Chicago Blackhawks (& prospect):

Kyle Beach = Heal Becky

Jonathan Toews = Want Josh, Atone. or A Hot Jeans Town (someone beat me to it on Twitter)

Patrick Kane = I Kept a Crank

Duncan Keith = A Dunce Think (his name turned up a lot of unprintable ones. yes, even by the standards of my previous post--unprintable)

Brent Seabrook = Beast Broke Ron

Kris Versteeg = Resist Keg, Rev

Tomas Kopecky = Stop, OK? My Cake

Antti Niemi = Aim, net. In it.

these are my favorite (and often, most apt) ones I found searching what people had posted on Twitter:

Zach Parise = A Cash Prize

Tie Domi = Me Idiot

Luke Schenn = Heckle Nuns

Sidney Crosby = Bossy Ice Nerd

Vesa Toskala = AKA Lost Save

...some names were too short to produce anything good, some had too many unusual letters to work (Zenon Konopka *sigh*). Martin Brodeur has "rotund" in it but I didn't work out the rest of the phrase. be warned, I might do this again.


Aubrey said...

Bossy Ice Nerd? Hahaha! That is hilarious and sort of fitting! So is Rick Nash/Rink Cash. Weird how so many of them seem appropriate.

k of c said...

I edited to link to your post and Wrap's. I'm definitely going to do an all-Hawks edition, I tried Marian Hossa, Dustin Byfuglien & Cristobal Huet after my post and there's a lot to work with there (much of it kinda NSFW)!

nightfly said...

Ryan Kelser = Sleek R Yarn

The middle initial is cheating.... just a touch.