Hockey Scouting Report 1989-90

I know, kind of a random thing to post, especially given that it was the most stressful week of hockey watching I've had this year (wait, that's why I need to post something unrelated), and the screenshots and links and opinions are piling up...but it looks like I won't have time to post much more until Sunday evening,'s something I found in the disappointingly limited selection of hockey books in the vast, vast (4 stories) used bookstore, Renaissance Books, in downtown Milwaukee, this week. I'd gone on Megabus with a friend for my first Milwaukee trip of 2010 and first hockey game there. it's an amazing store and I had a few nice finds, including the following:

this is a terrific resource, and I imagine I have readers who had, or have, copies of these around (anyone know what years it was published?). it goes well with my recent acquisition of hundreds of 1990-91 hockey cards, giving an analysis of the players I already knew about and helping me out with the less-familiar names. there's a chapter for each of the 21 NHL teams at the time (wow, only 21...and of those, four have relocated). a couple sample pages, featuring names in hockey news this week:

so, one of these players has "smarts and dependability," but "there may not be much of an NHL career left" for the other...

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Aubrey said...

You always find the best books! Joel Quenneville looks kind of odd with his hair all dark. Also odd, the coach of one of the more exciting teams in the league today being described as "conservative and unspectacular." That just strikes me as funny.