junior hockey line brawl!

this was a very discouraging day in NHL games, in my opinion, but I was overjoyed to find this video. I noticed it posted on hockeyfights.com last night but didn't realize then how good it was...near the end of the second period in the Medicine Hat Tigers at Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL) game, a line brawl erupted. all the players paired off. and yes, that means...goalie fight! I was tempted to just post this and let you find that part out but in today's busy world...I'll just spoil it. so there's a goalie fight. (and then two other players fight...guys, I know you wanted to be part of the excitement but personally I think goalies fighting is kind of the grand finale, right?) the commentary on this is entertaining, too.

here's the hockeyfights.com page linking to the goalie matchup (Tyler Bunz vs Linden Rowat, who each got a game misconduct). Medicine Hat won this game 5-4, and another game against Lethbridge tonight, 4-1 (it took more effort than I thought it would to find those scores!


Aubrey said...

A line brawl definitely peaks with the goalies. Everything else is kind of anticlimactic. That was a pretty good one though! I'd give the edge to the dark-jerseyed goalie but the other one got a couple good shots in late. You win best highlight of the day by far!

Ken Socrates said...

That was fanstastic. I like how most of the other players stop fighting and stare when the goalies decide to go at it. Almost like, "Okay, hang on a minute. I gotta see this."