what's another loss here or there, NHL?

there are mistakes, and then there are overused-internet-words-like-EPIC-mistakes:

minutes after another lousy Blackhawks game (and I thought they'd win this one! I was headed home on the CTA bus from my Greyhound trip when it started. Patrick Sharp scored the first goal of the game right as I passed Blackhawk Street! fights, hits, energy, etc., then it fell apart) I found this on the NHL.com main page.

tonight the Blackhawks lost their third consecutive game in regulation for the first time all season. they'd had a 3-game winless streak twice, I believe. but only three, not four, NHL! I immediately fired off a polite correction to @NHL on Twitter. (and today when I got home from the trip I noticed @GreyhoundBus is also following me on Twitter, and even sent me a direct tweet. now I'm kind of on edge about complaining about NHL or Greyhound...but also kind of excited and wondering why Amtrak or Megabus or the AHL don't follow me too).


Aubrey said...

Come on, accuracy is so overrated.

Considering what happened with NBC it's no wonder you're nervous about slighting the NHL or Greyhound!

Aubrey said...

And btw, there's no expiration date on that OSU game, whether it's next year or five years from now or when we're frail little old ladies with walkers ;)

k of c said...

Yeah, and just since that happened, I found despite a "server error" message I DID pay for a GH ticket online...but had to buy it again in person b/c it didn't print out. Then the bus was a half-hour late...to a station that was closed for the night. Oh, the stuff I'd still rather put up with than have a car!

Thanks about OSU! Next year I'll probably create a complicated database as soon as NHL, AHL, NCAA, ECHL schedules are posted, and figure out some trips.