"a great roll model" UPDATE: Fisher-Underwood engagement

so, a singer I don't care about got engaged to a hockey player I know nothing about who plays for a team I root against. NEWS! eh...I didn't want to waste a separate post on it, nor does it fit into other pieces I'm working on, but it's an excuse to repost this piece (also posted on Tumblr, back when I was there with maybe 3 people reading my stuff. it's more than that now, right?) this was probably all over Twitter, but I was away from the computer then, so I learned it from Puck Daddy when I got home. below, originally posted 11/18:

well, I’ve avoided this “story,” but this item cracked me up. as well as the comments (posted to People’s Facebook page, all these are from women):

I am glad that there are still some people in this world that have good moral! Way to go Carrie!
Go Carrie! I am not a fan of country music, but I am a fan of you! What a classy lady!
From the very beginning, we have recognized that you are the role model for our children and grandchildren. How special you are!!!
You go girl! Love to see someone who has respect for herself and is willing to stand up for it! That is why people love you so much!
Amen Carrie! She really is a great role model. I appreciate her morality.
That’s great to hear, Carrie. It’s nice to see someone who has great moral character.
Wow! I am so happy to see such a young lady maintaining such great values. You are a great roll model to young women.

“morality”? I’d say maybe she just doesn’t want to live in Ottawa, but 1) I don’t actually know if he lives there and 2) I’ve never been, and considering I visit places like Detroit, St. Louis, Buffalo, the Quad Cities, and Cleveland for fun, I’m not really the one to mock cities…

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