WJHC day one...that was something.

(note: blog post title may incorrectly imply I'll be reporting on other days of WJHC. I might, but I couldn't find the games online today...) I'd never watched any junior hockey until yesterday, when the 2010 World Junior Hockey Championship kicked off on Boxing Day, in Saskatchewan.

I caught Canada vs Latvia in the second period. actually, I had to go out for a few brief errands within a couple blocks of my place...and when I got back, it'd gone from 5-0 to 8-0 Canada. then quickly to 11-0 Canada, then right as I was posting "11-0 Canada" somewhere, they scored goal #12.

you probably know it turned out 16-0...shots on goal 66-10.

Latvia's goalie a few seconds from the end of the game...

the Canadians just kept clapping and clapping...yeah, we GET it, you're good at hockey. this topped last year's 15-0 blowout. and Sweden beat the Czech Republic yesterday 10-1.

I understand that goal differential helps determine playoff standings (Puck Daddy had a piece today on blowout games at the WJHC), so it's not like a team would be ahead 5-0 then barely do anything the rest of the game, but this was still depressing to watch...don't Canadian parents teach "nobody likes a showoff"? oh well, congratulations on whatever records this set.

afterwards I saw a little of Russia defeating Austria 6-2.

and then, when I switched over to HNIC, I saw a Boxing Day sale commercial for the first time!

and I saw a Peter Puck spot (promoting the Winter Classic) for the first time (though I knew of Peter Puck, of course)! well, here's a disturbing image to leave you on...

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