vintage obsession

a little more history, before I get back to posting about amazing recent Blackhawks games (I'm still working on even getting the photos uploaded onto my computer!) and debuting a couple new (and silly) "ongoing series."

I don't think I've explained why I have a Toronto Maple Leafs section in the blogroll. I like the idea of having one Canadian team I'm following (if not entirely cheering on, since, well, duh, they're in the same division as the Bruins), and they have some people I really like in their blogosphere, so...that's good enough. I've added Vintage Leaf Memories to the blogroll--mostly history, with some current news/opinions. I especially want to note the recent piece on The "Original Twelve", detailing the next six teams added during NHL expansion. this site is not to be confused with Vintage Leafs, another good one (all images, not much text).

okay, I already posted a fight video this week, and I really only meant to post ones I saw in person, in game recaps, but this showed up tonight and I couldn't resist. North Stars! I've mentioned the Whalers and North Stars multiple times on this blog and there are probably current NHL teams I haven't mentioned once (Florida Panthers, perhaps?). I am not losing sleep over this.

I hope my east coast readers are okay, I know there's been quite a snowstorm out there. uh, is it headed west?

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