Boston vs Chicago countdown day 3

sorry I fell behind with this--part 4 in a few hours. I had another great game to go to last night...that's two shutouts in a row for the Hawks (and by different goalies, first time that's happened since 1983!). against low-ranked teams, but it still counts.

part I: The Brothers Esposito

I finally scanned all the photos, returned the book, owed $1.60. I hope it's worth it, dear readers! (and thanks to Hockey Gone Wild for the nice mention of this series and the blog in general). now, getting to what we really want to see: BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER in the NHL!

the game above ended in a tie, back when they still had those

part II: when I think of Boston, I think of:

I'm skipping some more obvious ones, like chowder, or medical schools, or friggin' historic plaques every 10 feet, and going to: brutalist architecture!

I think this is right side up...taken on a visit to the Government Service Center. here's Flickr search results; I recommend Seth Tisue's great photos of the place, especially since he was the one giving me a tour the April 2009 day I took this. if you'd like more Paul Rudolph architecture see the Flickr group about him. there's also the Boston City Hall--Flickr search results for that. (if you like American architecture at all, especially pre-WWII, you must look at army.arch's photostream). I know that a lot of historic buildings were destroyed in the heyday of "urban renewal" to build it, and a lot of people thought and still think it's ugly, but it can be damn photogenic.

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