Boston vs Chicago day 5 part 2 I'm in a hurry

oh, one more preview. I'm rushing to leave to the game soon (and hoping to see a friend's NESN broadcast of it eventually), after a Flickr meetup in the Loop (photographer, not hockey-related, but one friend there wore a Canadiens sweater because he knew I like the Bruins, and I'll be too polite to attach a note saying "BOOOO!" on the Flickr photos showing it), then a Twitter meetup with hockey people.

NOW...I know some Bruins fans/friends/fellow bloggers out there, of course. these are smart, funny, decent people. yet I know they'll be advancing the strange, misguided notion that the Bruins are the team that should win the game tonight. yes, really, there are people that think this! the Bruins should win, even if that breaks the winning streak of the Hawks when I see them (11 games, 11 wins). even if that deprives America's Chicago's a small area of Chicago's northwest side's sweetheart of the blogosphere from seeing the Blackhawks win she's so rightfully earned by showing up to games, cheering, and belatedly posting rambling recaps. I guess we agree to disagree.

anyway, one more from The Brothers Esposito (1971)

hmm, I hope that's not a bad sign. as for an actual preview of the game, or predictions, or wishes? well, I'm disappointed it won't be the battle of the backup Finnish goalies tonight; it'll be Thomas vs. Niemi. I've been excited to see two consecutive shutouts, but I REALLY don't want one tonight. I'm fine with Boston getting a point, though I've seen too many OT and SO games this season already. I'm not wearing anything Bruins because I don't own any Bruins wear yet, and I'd probably feel guilty wearing it to a game here anyway. I don't care if Savard gets a hat trick and Thornton beats up one of the Hawks, as long as the Hawks end up winning. my idea score would be Hawks winning 5-4 in overtime.* but if I had to see a team to finally see them lose to AAAAHH DON'T FINISH THAT SENTENCE

*I'll confess (to anyone paying close attention) that I MEANT to put that wish/prediction in the post but forgot, and added it later. that wound up being the score! (in a shootout, though, not OT). I wish I'd officially predicted it somewhere


Frederick said...

I could have worn my Bruins fleece pullover (free with Bruins MasterCard some years back) but opted for the classic Habs sweater. I'll wear the other to the next Flckr meeetup.

Bring home anothter winner on Sunday.

k of c said...

Well, I'm not knocking it as a sweater...I had fun spotting the Bruins jerseys last night, most of which I liked (but the bear head one is pretty awful).

I'll be checking in case any cheap last-minute tickets come up Sunday. I've seen the Hawks defeat all the rest of the Original Six this fall...