Stone vs. Stoner: name-wise, the NHL FOTY

I know, I know, another fight? but it involves the Minnesota Wild, and it doesn't get more Christmas-y than the Wild's uniforms, does it? (too bad they have to wear them all the time.) and this is hardly more violent than trying to visit the mall today, isn't it?

NHL players only get a few days off around Christmas...they were working right up through Dec. 23, doing impressive things: the Hawks' Antti Niemi got his 4th shutout of the season, and the Coyotes' Ilya Bryzgalov got his 5th to lead the league. Malkin got a hat trick for the Penguins' 8-2 win over the Senators. Bruins scored 3 goals in 68 seconds (damn, wish I'd seen that, but I was out watching the Hawks game with people) and eventually beat Atlanta 6-4. and of course, there were fights. I had to post this because it's Ryan Stone (Oilers) vs. Clayton Stoner (Wild), and it's worth posting for those names alone. (the two also fought in the AHL.) to borrow a joke from the comments, the win, and a big bag of Cheetos, goes to Stoner:

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Aubrey said...

It's just my opinion, but I don't think you can ever post too many fight videos. (And I completely agree about the mall. Craziness!)