a shiny new condo for the Captain, a little more Christmas, etc.

oh hey there! I was inside nearly all day because it's lousy weather and I have a cold and because of that I couldn't travel and missed Christmas entirely (no family, no gifts, need I elaborate?) and I've mostly been working on completely redoing my other blog's blogroll, which means I've been skimming through blogs about pancake restaurants in suburban Chicago, and economic development in Youngstown, Ohio, and high-speed rail in Europe...whee! (I'm not being sarcastic.)  but of course my mind is on hockey, too...

the Sunday Chicago Tribune has a story on Jonathan Toews' new condo in the Chicago Loop (saw this item on Kukla's blog this morning). I include it because, well, there's just nothing my guy friends like more than reading articles about a man who's much younger than them, handsome, making more money than they could dream of, extremely talented and admired...who now has a fabulous apartment in possibly the most luxurious part of Chicago. right?

well...at least I might have some readers who'll take note of this sentence in this piece: "On days off, I sort of sit in the steam shower and get a sweat going, just to wake up in the morning."

the condo has a great kitchen, of course, but it says Toews doesn't cook, except: "...if guests were hungry? 'I've made my share of omelets,' he says, with an impish wink."
(PLEASE NOTE: actual article might not contain the phrase "with an impish wink.")

in very different news, and I meant to post it a few days ago because it didn't get much publicity locally, I don't think: CBS-2 Chicago had a story on how Stan Mikita and his wife Jill were recently victims of identity theft and had $100,000 taken from their account. (covered by the bank)

I've been stumbling across new sites to add to the blogroll, and sometimes I think to mention them. I'm not into the hockey card (or jerseys, or other collectibles) collecting aspect of hockey fandom (just like I like trains, but avoid getting too interested in model trains) though I definitely think sports cards, etc. can be pretty cool. I'd already blogrolled Puck Junk, and then I just added Shoebox Legends, a blog that covers hockey and baseball cards and has a Boston focus, nice. then there's Cardboard Gods, a site I'm amazed I hadn't seen before. it's hard to explain...except to say it goes way, way beyond just talking about sports cards and the players on them.

if I didn't scare you off with the mention of my other blog, I'll put in a plug (a little late now) for the Christmas piece I finally wrote there, which rambles a bit to defend cheesy music and fruitcake and so on, and has lovely vintage cookbook covers too. but, a warning: on City of Destiny, I don't swear, I rarely use innuendo, and I properly capitalize sentences (bizarre, I know!)

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Aubrey said...

That article would have been much better had it included the phrase "with an impish wink."

I've always been insanely jealous of people with walk-in closets. I can't decide if I like Toews more or less for having one.

Thanks for the links to the card sites. I had a... well "obsession" is the only word for it, back before the lockout. It's one thing that I didn't pick back up afterward, but I'm interested to check those links out.