at least it doesn't say "Huet and Cry": glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #5 in an ongoing series

no, "Huet and Cry" is better. you can have that one for next time for free,, for all the joy you bring me...

Blackhawks shut out the depleted Red Wings in their first Chicago visit this season, 3-0. that's 3 shutouts in 4 games for the Hawks, Huet's 3rd of the season. with Niemi's 3, that means the Hawks have the most shutouts this season. and the best home ice record, though they had that already. and they've beaten all the rest of the Original Six this year. (I saw them beat the other 4 teams, and if I'd seen a standing room ticket for one for this come up, I might have gone.) Huet has that kind of scary smile on his face again, as you see above. I'll post more about it but I have a brief window of time to finally upload my own photos onto my computer (brief = during intermission of the other game I'm watching; learned that I can't have iPhoto and a game going at the same time if I don't want my computer to freeze so badly I have to restart it multiple times. I knew that would happen...)

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