Pittsburgh trip, part 1: Pittsburgh sports in gingerbread form

well, I can safely say the trip to Pittsburgh was worth it, and not a bad first road game to see the Hawks play. when I've sorted through my 300 or so photos I'll have a real post (perhaps I'll make my first use of the "read more after the jump" option if it gets too epic). but first, in the hours before the game, I wandered around downtown Pittsburgh, my eye drawn to anything Christmas-y. PPG Place had a huge display, both in windows and an inside display (with a nice model train layout too), of gingerbread houses and whatnot decorated by schoolchildren. these three, all from the window display, seem relevant to a sports blog:

okay, this looked better in person... I've had two wonderful visits to the real PNC Park. nice architecture, good location, great ticket prices, delicious and reasonably-priced food. I can hardly find anything negative to say except...oh, right. btw, every mention of PNC Park here will link to this, probably the best sports story ever in the Onion.

meanwhile, here's where the Steelers play. I gather from the attire of people downtown that they're somewhat popular. btw, I had no idea when I took this that a hugely important, sold-out college football game (Pitt-Cincinnati), was going on there, until I saw a late-night news broadcast after the hockey game.

yes indeed, the top row has Lord Stanley's Cup in gingerbread form. did you know I'm really good at making cookies? I just thought I'd point that out for future reference...

more when I've had some sleep. the last two nights I had to sleep on the bus, you know...

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