on Twitter.

THIS JUST HAPPENED. #getJackEdwardsonTwitter worked!

and now THIS is happening:

oh boy. btw, I got on Twitter for real a couple months ago. I don't use it much, because I have no portable device to access the Internet with. maybe I can send tweets from my very low-tech (pay as you go, no camera) cell phone, but if I can't read them too, why bother? so I only post a few times a day, from home.

I've reached a decent balance between the number of followers/people I'm following, but I haven't figured out how to get 1) anyone to retweet anything I post (no matter how useful I think it is) 2) anyone to respond to me after I directly address THEM in a tweet. (note: these gripes apply to my hockey followers, not so much the people I know in real life.) Twitter is just the latest place on the Internet I fail at...***sighs histrionically***

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