Boston vs Chicago countdown day 2

more stuff that doesn't really relate to the Bruins @ Blackhawks game I'm going to this Friday. (there's a huge new post right below this one, btw--I've got to space things throughout the day...)

part I: The Brothers Esposito

today, from this 1971 biography, more relatively early photos:

"credit for an assist"

part II: when I think of Boston, I think of...this place, it's pretty popular.

from my first trip inside, June 16, 2009. Sox won 8-2 in an interleague game against the Marlins. the friend I went with will rant at length against interleague games. I was asking him what foods he doesn't like one time, and he said "I hate walnuts. I hate walnuts even more than I hate interleague play!" unrelatedly, I'm thinking of an old Simpsons line I'd always hoped would catch on but didn't seem to: "well, you can cram it with walnuts, ugly!" uh, I'm not going to write much about the Red Sox now, but at least I've given you two useless walnut-related catchphrases...


Aubrey said...

Those two pictures of the Espositos crack me up. The baby and the trophy are kind of at the same angle, like they're both prizes. I'm so jealous of your library. There must be some great hockey books there.

And yay for weird catchphrases! Our family has a few involving beatniks and monkeys that kind of freak out the uninitiated :)

k of c said...

Yes, once I noticed how similar those photos were I had to run them the same day!

The Chicago library system, which I've visited extensively, is quite good, though they could be better with books from smaller publishers (independent & university presses--some suburban libraries are better with that). But wow, the old stuff you can turn up is great. I haven't even looked at old sports magazines yet.