that's what you get for having two first names, Duncs

the NHL Official Guide & Record Book is geared towards sports reporters (hence the very helpful pronunciation guide to players' names) but novice sports bloggers (uh, me) find it extremely useful. I was looking at the NHL awards section this week and noticed this in the Norris description:

awww... I haven't noticed any other mistakes in the guide yet (aside from all the info that's changed since it was printed, of course) but I'll be sure to let you know. btw, people call him Dunc or Duncs, but I have the overwhelming urge to call him "The Dunc," as a dopey Chicago/Boston inside joke; The Dunk being the nickname for the arena where the Providence Bruins play (Boston Bruins affiliate, of course. I envy the teams where it's that easy to figure out). I've never been in it but I got this photo my first visit to Providence (and first visit to Rhode Island, and also the day I first visited a Tim Hortons, but that of course was an event significant enough to deserve its own post later), April 2009:


Aubrey said...

Lol, poor Keith Duncan.

That's the AHL team's arena? Wow, it looks nice! I wonder if you can get donuts at the concessions there. That would be awesome.

Ken Socrates said...

Oddly enough, I don't recall seeing a single donut there but I suppose that wasn't what I was looking for. Hot dogs and popcorn were decent. French fries excellent. Vanilla Shake from the Johnny Rockets vendor was truly horrible. Otherwise, a wonderful arena. I did walk in with a large regular in my hand but was given no special discount on admission, as I'd hoped.

And because I know you've been dying to ask but are too polite to do so, my favorite donut is blueberry cake.

Aubrey said...

That, my philosophical friend, is a darn shame. And thanks, not knowing your favorite kind of donut was ruining my day.