Boston vs Chicago countdown day 1

yes, it's now only 4 nights until the big Bruins @ Blackhawks game, and I thought I'd do 5 days of...I don't know, stuff that has to do with Boston. then I'll write some quasi-legitimate game preview, but for now...

part I: The Brothers Esposito!
recently I had to take two buses to get to one of the three Chicago public libraries open on a Sunday to pay overdue fines (can't pay online), and browsed the sports books while there so I could get something new to make it worth the hassle, and found this 1971 book, listed as by Phil Esposito and Tony Esposito with Tim Moriarty. it recounts the brothers' childhoods, Phil's time with the Black Hawks (spelled with two words back then) and Bruins, Tony's with the Canadiens and Hawks. so, I'll have photos I scanned from it every day this week. (probably not stories, the book is way overdue* and I don't have time to type them).

the CPL has an interesting selection of hockey books from the 1960s -70s (and more recent ones, of course); I'll feature more of them later, but this book made the most sense for the Bruins-Hawks game.
*ironically, I've racked up more fines on this book than the fines I went to pay that day. but surprisingly someone else has requested the book, so if I didn't read it now who knows when I could get it again.

part II: when I think of Boston, I think of:

Dunkin Donuts! EVERYWHERE! (the chain was started near Boston) more than once, I saw Dunkin stores literally across the street from other Dunkin stores! or in the same train station! my first Boston visit in 2009, I made a point of having DD coffee every day (6 days) and taking a self-portrait with it. that's on my Flickr, as is this shot of a fragment left on Revere Beach, just past the end of the Blue Line train.


Ken Socrates said...

You're playin' my song, K. Perfect pic to represent Revere Beach, I must say.

What I want to know, though, is can you do our accent? I was saying to a friend last night, who was asking if there was any initiation rite to becoming a Bruins fan, that there might be just two. One, a drunken public pee in an alley off of Causeway Street (this applies to men and women). And two, learning to say Bourque without the "r".

Say it with me; Booo-uk. Ray Booo-uk was a frickin' awesome playah.

More later, I'm off to Dunkin Donuts for a lahge regulah.

Frederick said...

Fondest Bruins memory: paying $5 to get in the back door of the old Garden to see the Hawks and the Bruins in 1971. Names of the great players that night are too numerous to list.

k of c said...

If my childhood dreams of going to Harvard had come true, I might have developed a Boston accent by now (although I think I would have ended up miserable and dropping out and living who knows where). As it is I'm self-conscious trying one, unless drinks are involved. Hmmm.

I meant to go back to Revere Beach on a summer visit but didn't make it, so my only memory of it is bleak and barren.

Frederick: Great memory! I'm envious.