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before I post today's Boston vs Chicago countdown, a roundup. lots of good stuff here.

Jeff of Blackhawk Up got to do the Five Reasons [He] Loves Hockey at Puck Daddy. I posted a defensive comment directed at another commenter about "bandwagon" accusations and, as happens anytime I post anything remotely personal and/or political and/or angry on the Internet (including some recent posts here...), I got all wussy about seeing if anyone responded (never sure what's worse, being attacked or being ignored) so I didn't check back.

Kukla's Korner asked today about Your Favorite Hockey Related Websites/Blogs and invited readers to promote their own blogs, too, so of course I did. I named a bunch, but not any specific Blackhawks blogs because I'm too petty and vindictive that only one is blogrolling me so far I didn't want to play favorites. oh, and I'm wracked with guilt about those of you I didn't mention there, don't worry...I mentioned that Third String Goalie posts so much good stuff it's hard not to link every day. look, I'm linking today, because Dec. 15 is the anniversary of the first game played at the old Chicago Stadium (I'm ashamed of not knowing that already) and he's got a nice piece up, vintage postcard and all.

Oklahoma City might be getting an AHL team next year. I'd noticed the Anaheim Ducks don't have an AHL affiliate this year...but OKC's team would take over the Oilers affiliation. I'm confused already.

watched the Leafs-Caps game online Sat. night. I actually predicted (to myself) they'd beat the Capitals last time (they did, 2-1), but seeing them come from losing 2-0 going into the second period to win 6-3 was pretty impressive. the 29th-place team beat the 1st-place team (and the Leafs are up to 27th now!). I read the recap and saw...something not quite right:

heh. I think you can get your portrait taken for a few dollars at Walgreens, if you need a new one. I left the feed on and saw Canadian nightly news for the first time! there were two stories about hockey before they got to the sports results. wow, that country should get another NHL team or something.

some town where there's a battle over allowing pond hockey, and later a story about concussions in youth hockey

not to detract from a serious story, but: pink hair = awesome. I left it on and the Caps-Leafs game was rerun (a shorter, intermission-less version) afterwards; I didn't even know they did that. posts so much material and has to do much of it so quickly, that I'm not bashing them for making the occasional mistake. but I will point them out!

that word made me think "fiesta" first, then "fiery," but I realized they meant "feisty" (which my dictionary defines as "lively or flamboyant in manner or appearance." flamboyant? okay, they probably meant the second definition, "spirited").

tonight I saw Scott Hartnell, The Guy In the NHL Who's Actually Uglier Than Brent Sopel, and the rest of the Flyers play the Penguins. there were 2 goals and 3 fights within barely the first 6 minutes of play! (someone Twittered to the effect: "hey Flyers, 1975 called, they want their style of hockey back") Pens won 6-1. Flyers were in Boston last night, and as noted, my friend Dan attended as his first Bruins game this season. I'd hoped to watch it all online because he had a good seat and I could have maybe got a screenshot of him, but the feed (it was NESN! yes, #getjackedwardsontwitter!) vanished after the first few minutes and I didn't find one again until the painful third period. (then it ended before the NESN Blackhawks preview).
he saw the Bruins lose, but he did get to see the kids' hockey during intermission result in a fight (there were no fights in the actual game). and he'd seen the same thing happen (but with younger kids) during a Providence Bruins game. I love New England! I mean, of course it's awful in some ways...but funny in others. not sure if video has turned up (and I wouldn't feel okay posting it if it did), but it's worth noting.

so here's a New England fight that turned up on this week, a brief Whalers-Bruins fight from 1992. I know very little about these teams circa that era, but I did like the old jerseys, the utter indifference of the fans in the front row seats, and the nugget of wisdom at the end:


Ken Socrates said...

Alright, that brings me back a bit. Brent Hughes was a scrappy winger that had a cup of coffee or two with B's in those early nineties years that were a lot of fun. A lot of heart and willingness to go but, as someone once said, was writing a lot of checks his body couldn't cash.

Adam Burt was one of those annoying Whalers you loved to hate along with Pat Verbeek, Kevin Dineen and, of course, Ulfie before he moved on. As much as we hated the Whale back then, and had a few gloriously violent playoff series, I really do miss them. Brass Bonanza, the arena inside a mall that would be about 50% B's fans when they played there.

So easily forgotten. Gordie Howe wore a Whaler uniform. So did Brendan Shanahan. Chris Pronger. Ronnie Francis, one of the game's great gentlemen.

What the f*ck is this, Holidau ennui? I'm getting misty eyed about the Whale. Somebody pour me s stiff one before I start singing "Ba pa pa pa pa pa pa pa..."

Frederick said...

The Whalers were orginally the New England Whalers (even though they played in Boston). Their orignal home ice was the Boston Arena, which is now owned by Northeastern U. Jack Kelley, ex-Boston U. coach, father of TV producer David Kelley and father-in-law of Michelle Pfeiffer, was the first coach. The Bruins were so intent on running them out of town they put a minor-league team, the Braves, in Boston.

k of c said...

Thanks for all the background on the Whalers, most of which I didn't know. I think this is at least the third post I've done here mentioning them, which is odd for a team slightly before my time that I never saw (but I have been to Hartford several times).

spyboy1 said...

Thanks for the mention of Third String Goalie on Kukla's Corner! That was very much appreciated. I hope you liked my look at the history of Chicago Stadium recently.