Boston vs Chicago countdown day 4

I'm leaving the house tonight (yes, on a night when there's hockey on!) because there's a blogger (and not even sports bloggers!) party tonight and I need to be social to make up for the fact that last night I dreamed I was reading a blog. and I woke up before I could "click to read more." and some secret was never revealed to me. and how pathetic is everything I just wrote? anyway, day 4!

part 1: The Brothers Esposito

well, I hope this photo isn't a bad omen:

a photo like that today would absolutely get the nhLOL or LolLeafs treatment


part II: when I think of Boston, I think of: Boston Harbor

well, not really, I didn't spend nearly as much time on the waterfront in Boston as I should have on my 2009 trips. I only got this shot (on Flickr I was informed it's a car carrier) because I was visiting the Institute of Contemporary Art nearby (you can take some great photos there, but not in the galleries, which is too bad, because I wanted to take photo of people looking at art, not the art itself).

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Frederick said...

The photo of Tony O was probably from the last game of the 1971 Stanley Cup finals. The memories: Bethlehem, PA, an overstuffed chair, a black-and-white console TV, a sinking feeling of doom even with the Hawks ahead and the Pocket Rocket scoring the winner . . . and the Hawks haven't come close since.