baseball cards found on the sidewalk in my neighborhood

probably won't be an "ongoing series" here, but who knows? I found this in the Humboldt Park neighborhood today while heading out to a Wicker Park coffeeshop in the late afternoon. (oops, looks like I need to rescan these)

in other sports card news: I learned from the Chicago website Gapers Block that Tim's Baseball Card Shop in Lincoln Square will be in a Super Bowl commercial for Miller High Life. I haven't been there (or to any sports card store or show), but I'll check it out (since that's one of my favorite areas of Chicago).
also, not news, but: visit the sports cards sites I've blogrolled, I really enjoy them but tend not to comment since I'm not a collector...

this is a bit of filler while I go through a lot of weekend hockey stuff...I'll be posting some actual WRITING this week, and previews (i.e. vintage photos!) for the TWO Blackhawks-Blues games I'll be attending.

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