lazy Super Bowl-related post

there is just so much going on--I got back this evening from a wonderful trip to St. Louis for my first hockey game there, with blogger friends (thanks!). while I was hanging out with people in real life and seeing a game in person, I missed quite a few NHL games I wouldn't have minding seeing online or on TV. many rather surprising and/or exciting wins...and 16 fights in 14 games Saturday, so I've got catching up to do. more "winning streak" news soon. and maybe even more about the Super Bowl.

I got back home for the second half. I would have been watching online anyway so I could follow along on Twitter at the same time, but I had to because the digital conversion "improvements" to U.S. television last June meant...I can no longer get CBS-2 Chicago on TV (unless I break down and pay for cable again). anyway, here's a lazy post. as a Chicagoan I had to root against the Colts, but mostly I was rooting for the Saints to win, and of course they did. an exciting game, even if I still can barely explain the basic rules and strategies of football, if anyone asked. okay, I knew this was a touchdown:

I don't know this person, I just...uh, well if I wasn't a wuss afraid of people unfollowing me for anything too opinionated, I'd have retweeted it because it made me laugh.

I hope you had fun either watching, or totally ignoring, the Super Bowl tonight!


Ken Socrates said...

I watched and ignored the Super Bowl. It was on but I recall most of the night spent talking about/debating music and films.

End results of the Super Bowl, then: Glengarry Glen Ross is one of the tightest scripts ever written and The Love Language are a flippin' great live act.

I'm going to Disney World!

the mel said...

LOL @ the Tebow tweet. I didn't see the ad since I got home too late (I'm kinda glad - it probably would have made me really mad). I'm not a mean person but I kinda hope he gets a good bruising if he ever takes a snap in the NFL.