your Bruins/Blackhawks/other winning streaks/etc. update

first: as I may have mentioned once or twice, I finally saw the Blackhawks lose a game, a week ago vs. the Blues. BUT I saw them win the next one in St. Louis, and then last night against Dallas. so now I have a two-game winning streak (and so do the Blackhawks, since those were consecutive games. this was after their last-in-the-NHL-to-have-one 3-game winless streak). also, the Stars game was my 20th Hawks game, and I'm 19 for 20, a very nice 95%. (and I still have a streak of: wins in away games, wins in overtime, wins in shootouts).

so, they capped the streak that was the Capitals' winning streak? aha, I had to think that one through. I got home tonight for the 3rd period of the action-packed Capitals-Canadiens game (a disallowed goal controversy, injuries...). it looked like the Habs would win but Caps tied it up late. this was tough--I wanted that damn 14-game streak to end, and I didn't want to see the Caps be the first to hit 90 points yet. but the Habs winning keeps them ahead of Boston in the east. arrgghh.

since I was away last weekend, I missed all the hockey games Sat. & Sun. except for the one I was at.

Saturday: all I saw was the scores up at the Scottrade Center. did not see the Bruins hit a 10-game winless streak (against the hated Canucks. well, hated by the western conference, anyway). or the B's Johnny Boychuk's injury in that game. (I like him, even if he did beat up a Blackhawk at the game in Boston.) the Coyotes' 6-game winning streak, extended vs. Blackhawks the night before, was snapped by a 4-0 Dallas. the Maple Leafs shut out the Senators 5-0, ending their 11-game winning streak...and, the Blue Jackets somehow shut out the Sabres (who've been on a losing streak, but still).

Sunday: I heard the morning NBC Penguins-Capitals game was exciting. alas, Caps won and brought their streak to 14. Ovechkin had his first hat trick of the season--the first Capitals hat trick of the season, which is surprising considering they're like 50 goals ahead of the next highest-scoring team...oh, but even more, I would have loved to see the Bruins BREAK THEIR LOSING STREAK. WITH A SHUTOUT. OF THE CANADIENS. IN MONTREAL. not as exciting as the Super Bowl later, but that would have made my day...well, I had a great day anyway, and didn't learn of the B's win till 7 pm or so!

Monday: I had a lot of games playing online, and it was a big night of early goals and fights, close games, and (unfortunately) injuries (Salmela for the Devils getting knocked out right as he scored a goal? that doesn't happen much, does it?). the Ducks stopped the Kings (4-2) from hitting a 10-game winning streak. oh, and though the Flyers won the game 3-2 after the Devils took a 2-0 lead, Versus NHL tweeted this earlier in the game (and didn't correct it):

injury to Anssi Salmela, who was actually the #1 Twitter trending topic in the US for a bit (yes, I always notice stuff like that)

a minor incident involving Craig Anderson

Tuesday: 7 games (and based on the teams I root for or against, or just my whims, every game was won by who I wanted) but the one I wish I could have watched--Boston beat Buffalo 3-2 in a shootout. Boston's won two in a row! and Lucic AND Thornton had fights in the game! (a high number of NHL fights in the past week; when I have time I'll see if there's anything notable to post)

the "will they..." headline wasn't a good luck charm this time!

other Wednesday games: tonight's late game Oilers @ Ducks, wound up setting a new franchise record of 11 straight home wins for Anaheim. Chris Stewart of the Avalanche, as pointed out at Real Denver Sports, is the first NHL'er this season with two Gordie Howe hat tricks. he could have gotten a third tonight, and two in two consecutive games, because he had a goal and assist. but it'd be hard to fit a fight late into a close game (Avs beat Thrashers 4-3 in OT)., the Blue Jackets shut out the Sharks, 3-0. anything can happen...

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