meanwhile, in the minor leagues...

the Olympics have been exciting and inspirational and glorious and all (and providing me with a giant backlog of material that I hope to start posting before I find a place to watch the US vs Finland game Friday), but in other news OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS. thanks to some retweets on the Twitter feed of @hawknut, I learned about a minor league (Southern Professional Hockey League) game Thursday that had some...difficulties. I went to the original source (definitely click on these):


again, that's 4 penalty minutes vs 150. a 9-minute power play. a coach and a trainer getting kicked out. "security called to players locker area." I'm not sure if this explains anything:

it's a few hours later and I don't see a report on the Knoxville Ice Bears website about this game, but the Louisiana (Lafayette) Ice Gators have the story up, or at least a sanitized version:

so they'd beat Knoxville at home Tuesday night, and Knoxville came to Louisiana looking for revenge, and got it the good way, a 10-4 win with TWO players getting hat tricks. Louisiana, on the other hand...well, I'd love to see the box score breaking down all the penalties.

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iscarr said...

Found your blog from the Puckcast. here's your boxscore: