winning streaks

right now I have overwhelming, irrational hate for any NHL team with a long winning streak. all the active ones below were increased tonight, by the way. I'd thought Chicago had only made it to 7 this season, but it's 8, so at least the Hawks are tied for 3rd. admittedly it's just for bragging rights that don't really mean that much, but did you see my previous post? I like winning streaks...for the Blackhawks.

if forced, I had to pick the Senators over the Canucks in tonight's game, though, and they won. I lost the feed to the game more than once and missed the fights.

I know they have to get these headlines up fast, but damn, what's more hilarious than a team's name spelled wrong?

bonus from not a silly headline, but the blue highlighted part at the bottom? sheesh, if that'd been the headline it would have qualified for my silly headline series. I feel deprived!

I'm gonna say it: one part of sports I'm just not interested in (and thus don't cover here)? trade rumors. and cap space and all the relevant issues. I don't begrudge other people their interest in it...but other than keeping up with the major trade stories (about hockey--I'm not paying much attention to baseball; I'll just learn the teams' rosters when the season starts, okay?) and knowing the basics of the Blackhawks' eyes glaze over and I skim through ALL OF THIS. except, for some reason, on Twitter, where I kind of enjoy it. Kovalchuk was a friggin' WORLDWIDE trending topic today!

something I didn't think of when I first posted this--since Patrice Cormier was in the trade, he's now in the Atlanta Thrashers system, and therefore could end up playing for the Chicago Wolves. uh-oh. not that that'll happen anytime soon...

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