today's stars, 1993's hockey cards

since my access to Olympic coverage is as lousy as the day before (see the cranky comment I put on the previous post) with no hope of improving any time soon, I am forced to just put up old hockey cards and screenshots from oh, who are we kidding, that's absolutely what I wanted to post anyway! I couldn't see any of the Finland-Belarus or Sweden-Germany men's games today (or the women's game that was actually a close one), nor curling (which is a surprisingly popular Twitter topic), nor all the stuff Americans were winning a lot of gold medals in. I did see the Czech Republic-Slovakia game. good game, even if Slovakia lost. Teemu Selanne set an Olympic record in the Finland game, and Jaromir Jagr did quite well for the Czechs. so here they are from my recent purchase of 100s of 1993-94 cards for $6 from an antique mall in downstate Illinois (I had several for each player but these were my favorites):


and here's your headlines, which needless to say couldn't miss out on fun with the countries' names. (this shot of the Belarus goalie is making me sad...)


the mel said...

I miss the Winnipeg Jets - the Hartford Whalers are my favorite defunct team. God, I'd forgotten how much I hate Jagr and his gloriously poofy mullet.

Aubrey said...

Ah, the good old days before Jagr started "dying inside", when my #68 figurines had not yet had any unfortunate "accidents."

Poor sad Belarusian goalie :( He needs cookies. Or vodka. Or vodka cookies.