big night for the blue & white matter what this screenshot from shows. so earlier in the season I made fun of a Maple Leafs game 3 Stars with Phil Kessel still in his Bruins uniform. well, this tops it, in a big way, although in this case it's understandable--all the NHL trades of the past 3 days happened so fast, there's barely time for new photos. I wonder if this has ever happened before--all 3 stars from one team, and all shown in their now-outdated uniforms.

as you may know, in their first game with the new goalie and new star defenseman (and Sjostrom), the Maple Leafs shut out the Devils 3-0 (Devils, by the way, were using the goalie who isn't Martin Brodeur). and:
note: that's the "official" Hartford Whalers Twitter. I was already going to mention it here...and today because I mentioned Whalers in a tweet, they started following me. I was elated. people with a public Twitter feed are used to getting spam followers based on words they use (I was telling someone about a tweet that got real estate spam--and got two more real estate spam followers because of that one), but I definitely don't mind this. 

anyway, besides the shutout, Phaneuf got into a fight about 6 minutes into the game, so he's got the "truculence" and all. this also ended a long winless streak for the Leafs. meanwhile, the Canucks' 7-game winning streak was snapped in a 3-2 loss (yay! even though it was by the Canadiens). and Boston...scored first against the Capitals, then went on to lose 4-1 (the last was an empty-netter--pffftt, I always think of those as half a goal at best). that's 8 losses in a row...and a record 11 wins in a row for the Caps. 
I think I forgot to point out that after the beating by the Flames Saturday, Edmonton finally won after 13 losses...against Carolina. and note that the Flames' first game after the player trades, they got shut out 3-0 by the Flyers.  tonight, I also watched an exciting Red Wings @ Sharks game (Detroit won 4-2 after Sharks blew their 2-0 lead), even though I didn't want either team to win. and I'm glad I caught the end of the Coyotes @ Predators--a scoreless game went to shootout, and the shootout went so long that I watched extra little boxes pop up on the screen to record attempts. after 10 rounds, Phoenix won.

something a little older, now. through Maple Leaf game threads, I'd heard there was a Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi edition, but never encountered it. the New York Times' hockey blog Slap Shot happened to post a fight in the Punjabi version recently, and through YouTube I found another: a decent Colton Orr vs Shawn Thornton bout (right off the faceoff, which is always absurd/entertaining) from Dec. 2009. I can only assume they're talking about "haymakers" and "heavyweights"...


Ken Socrates said...

That was a big, bag fight, that one. I remember there was alot of blood in the air that night, about 4 fights in all. Some excellent nastiness.

I'm not at all disheartened by the Leafs coming out and throwing a shut-out in the first game after the big trades. A boost like that is natural. I see no reason the moves will improve their overall game this season and get them out of the NHL cellar. Their roster at forward looks like AHL Plus.

I know. Tough talk from a guy who's team just lost their 8th straight and has made no moves whatsoever. The Bruins could end up with 2 picks in the top 10 of this keeps up.

k of c said...

I just looked at the other fight from Devils-Leafs: Pierre LLL vs Rosehill, that was a big one. (And Prust had a fight in his first game as a Ranger.)

Flyers and Blues both had miserable losses in their first games after getting a new coach this season, so at least Leafs got a good start after their changes. But I'm not assuming this'll turn the team around either...

Once you start watching fights in Punjabi, it's hard to stop--I'm sure I'll post another someday!