my first trip to a sports card store

yes, somehow in the midst of all the Olympics excitement (and rage at how much of it I can't see--guess whose 6 goals I missed Friday?) I've been doing a few other things. I saw that Sal of the excellent hockey card blog Puck Junk was looking for the card set given out at the Sharks @ Red Wings game Feb. 11, and I happened to have an extra (did I mention I went to that game? I've been posting the non-hockey shots from my trip on Flickr recently. RIP Lafayette Building). this was my excuse to finally go to Tim's Baseball Card Shop (as previously mentioned, featured in an ad that aired during the Super Bowl).

it's a very nice place; I met Tim and his mom and talked a bunch of hockey and collectibles stuff with Sal, who traded something cool from the 1990s I'll post later for the Red Wings set. he asked the prices on some boxes of hockey cards from 1990-91 and when I learned the whole boxes were $8, I had to get them. I'm not really collecting, just picking up stuff for the fun of it, so even if these cards are terribly common I was thrilled because I don't have them yet...



72 packs of cards! Score has 15 cards/pack; Upper Deck 12. I've only opened a couple dozen so far. I was happy to see North Stars in the first Score pack I opened; I got lots of Jets, Nordiques, and Whalers in the recent 1993-94 card acquisition, but no North Stars yet. (now I want Colorado Rockies and Oakland Seals cards...)

I also stopped back at the dollar store I got the Valentine's football-shaped candy at the other week, and bought what must have been the last two packs of hockey cards there, since I had to dig them out of containers of football cards. I opened a pack (2008-09 Upper Deck Victory) to see Phil Kessel as a Bruin, Cristobal Huet as a Capital, and Dany Heatley as a Senator, which amused me on the bus home.


Aubrey said...

Oh fun! I love card stores. They're like candy stores for sports geeks :)

It sounds like Tim's is one that encourages chatting, which is awesome.

Doug said...

Sounds like you got a great deal on those boxes of unopened cards. Upper Deck's 1990-91 is my all-time favorite. Thanks for the link to puckjunk, I foresee myself spending many hours there in the not too distant future.