glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #12 in an ongoing series

I'm breaking the rule I set a mere week ago (after the "Backes-to-Backes" incident): the little headlines at the bottom of NHL's main news section count as headlines for the purpose of this series. so, from the Blackhawks-Stars game I went to last night, in which Kris Versteeg scored the only shootout goal:

in case it's not clear:
I should be looking beyond just; surely they're not the only sportswriters using puns. but they provide so much material, why look elsewhere? The Canadian Press/Hockey News is never this fun.


Shelby Rose said...

Does that have to do with the fact he knows the entire part of Ludacris' solo in Glamorous by Fergie, or no?

k of c said...

Heh, if that's really something he's talked about, I missed it!

Shelby Rose said...

Here's the link: