FIN and CZE again: more 1993 cards!

this post will look awfully familiar. for various reasons, kind of phoning it in here. hope to do a giant Olympic post and more this weekend, before the giant USA vs Canada showdown Sunday night. watching USA, Canada, and Slovakia, all teams with Blackhawks and Bruins, win Thursday was pretty exciting. I've even managed to catch a little of the Games besides hockey, though I still have the same NBC/cable trouble described earlier.

with an assist tonight in Finland's 5-0 win over Germany, Teemu Selanne set the all-time Olympic scoring record (37 points, from 20 goals and 17 assists in 5 Winter Olympics). so...MORE 1993-94 hockey cards....I have more Fleer Ultra cards than any other brand, which is nice because they have photos on the back too:


and Jaromir Jagr got a lot of attention again, with a goal in Czech Republic's 5-2 defeat of Latvia:


see the headlines in the previous is phoning it in too:

bonus: before the standings were updated early 2/20 with Finland's win, look who was tops: 
(note: Blogger would not let me tag this post USA!USA!USA!)

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Aubrey said...

Ha! I love how it looks like the big Selanne is keeping a wary eye on the little Selanne and Jagr is checking out his own hair :)