a reminder to the St. Louis Blues

more from Hockey (1969), to preview the two Blackhawks-Blues games this week. yes, again with Penguins in the photos. oh well.

Blue Ray Fortin (19) and Noel Picard (4) are foiled by Penguins Binkley (30) and Price (right). In his frustration, Picard almost hooks Price.

so, I happened across an item that the St. Louis Blues' D.L. King, referred to as the team's enforcer, would be returning to play after being out since October with an injury. and my thoughts were approximately:

ADKLFHDSLFHDSFJDSJFHKJJKFDSJAK seriously OMG you mean this is what the Blues are like WITHOUT their enforcer? 

really? the nasty game I saw at the United Center in December, and the infamous four-fights-including-Toews'-second-NHL-fight-ever game Jan. 2 in St. Louis? those were without their designated tough guy? (although Cam Janssen seems as much of an enforcer, maybe they have two?) they're in the top 5 teams for fighting majors in the NHL without King...oh boy.

yeah, so I admit I wasn't paying close attention to the Blues until soon before the Hawks finally played them this year, not till December, so I forgot who wasn't playing. well, whether King is in this week's games or not, I just want to remind the Blues, to adapt a phrase from the Cookie Monster:
Hockey fights are a sometimes treat

obviously I like them and so do the hockey fans I know. a game with a lot of tension and roughing and near-fights can be entertaining. a fight or two at the right moment--after a questionable hit, or to spark some energy in your team and its fans, or just to give your fans something to enjoy when the team is hopelessly behind (you certainly know what I mean)--is fine.

Blue Jimmie Roberts (6) fails to get past Penguin Noel Price.

but there's such a thing as too much, when the game just gets slowed down by all the fights, and you don't look good, you just look like you're covering up for your lack of skill, and that's what the January game was like. (to be fair, the Blues have been winning games recently after a lousy start with the new coach...)

so...resist the urge to constantly goon it up, okay? or if you must, just save it up for a bench-clearing brawl. I'm fine with one every once in a while...


Shelby Rose said...

I remember watching a highlight of the Toews/Backes fight and being stunned. I love watching guys who don't usually fight, fight. It's different and quite entertaining.

JujuB213 said...

I'm a Blues fan but don't why the organization is so high on King. He missed all of last season recovering from shoulder surgery and in his first game back this season, he breaks his hand. *sigh* Wouldn't be a bit surprised if that happened again tonight, should he decide to drop the gloves.

k of c said...

Shelby: Yeah, the Toews/Backes fight was entertaining, even if Toews lost badly. I'll post first (or 2nd) NHL fights here when I can!

Juju: I'm guessing King will be back by Saturday's game. The Blues were mostly on their best behavior tonight...unfortunately (to me) that including playing well enough to beat the Hawks! And no fights. I guess I'll make fun of them a little less now : )