sorry, another one about winning streaks

one more about the 17-game streak of attending Blackhawks wins, which ended this week: I posted a piece at Second City Hockey, my first fanpost there. if you're a SBNation member, feel free to comment/share winning/losing streak stories. I've got a few comments but no the way, it's very different from the piece I posted here the other day.

yeah, Capitals are at 13 in a row now. (what's with the guy in the Blackhawks jersey? I mean, cool to see it and all, but wearing a jersey of an NHL team not playing that night always seems a little silly.) I'm starting to get suspicious of all the posts tracking winning streaks. it seems like their "will they make it to [#]?" stories, um...come true.

and with a shootout loss to the Coyotes at home tonight, the Blackhawks have now lost three in a row. they were the last team in the NHL not to have lost more than two consecutive games this season. (I know, it's a shootout loss so it's not quite the same as a regulation loss, but it's still a loss, right?)

this is a brief trivial post, but I heard tonight about the tragic death of Brian Burke's son Brendan, who was 21, and his friend Mark Reedy, 18, in a car crash earlier in the day in Indiana, due to snowstorm conditions. Brendan's story from a few months ago when he came out as gay and wanted to address homophobia in the sports world was inspirational to me around the time I was starting this blog, and I kept meaning to address it. and I definitely will, when I get back from a brief trip now to St. Louis with other hockey bloggers and fans. condolences to their family and friends...please be careful out there.

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