news item 1: I guess I'm doing the Hockeenight Puckcast Monday night! which I've wanted to do for a while but feel unprepared for right now (given my Olympics angst, and lack of interest in NHL trade deadline stuff. well, I'll still have plenty to talk about). my first podcast! more announcements to come.

news item 2: in just a few hours we will know, once and for all...USA vs Canada, WHICH IS THE BETTER COUNTRY.* I'm not so good at trash talk, but in representing the respective countries via non-nutritious food and drink? okay...

I found these on a dollar store visit with a friend recently. he saw the maple leaves and asked if they were made in Canada and I was amused they were. I found them at another dollar store Thursday and bought some just before the gold medal women's hockey game...which the US lost. so I'm trying to stay away from them now...but they're so delicious! I don't like Oreos much except in cookies n' cream ice cream, so this is my new sandwich cookie habit...

I'd read about but not found this candy bar, then saw it in a Cracker Barrel gift shop on the road trip for the Blackhawks game in St. Louis recently. still haven't tried them. I don't know what these have to do with anything, but they're made in the US--Necco, in Revere, Mass., a factory I've actually passed by! (okay, Toronto vs Boston treats makes this more of a Maple Leafs vs Bruins thing, but anyway...)

oh, and this, your embarrassing, nonsensical Team USA fan photo:

(I've been saving those cans and bags, many from hockey road trips, for a while. for the real photo shoot I wanted to do, involving a blonde friend of mine and Team USA and Team Canada jerseys...but I never tried to borrow any jerseys, and the photographer I mentioned this to is in another state, and...well, I've probably said more than you want to hear anyway.)

rushing off to a bar now! if anyone can get me a DVR copy of the game you are my hero. Olympics wrapup tonight, hopefully... GO USA!

*at men's hockey in 2010

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the mel said...

I'm DVRing it, but not sure how I could get you a copy. Let me know - maybe I can figure it out.